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Blueline internet key features:

*Need your own wireless laptop



*Cost  per voucher Rp 110,000 for 33 MB (about AUD $14)

*1 voucher should last 1 week of normal browsing/emails.

*Can also use at Hot spots around Bali


We have installed high-speed broadband equipment from Blueline one of Bali's best known and respected providers.

Blueline Internet have speeds of 128kbs for both downloads and  uploads. This is considerably faster than the internet cafes typically used in Bali that normally share a connection with other users where download speeds often drop below 10 kbs.

The equipment we have installed  in all our apartments is compatible with industry standard 802.11b and 802.11g wireless devices. Most newer laptops have this wireless internet (wifi) capability built in but wireless adapter devices can readily be purchased for older laptops to enable them to utilise wireless internet. Prices in NZ and Australia start from about AUD$25 for PCMCIA or  USB wireless adapters that plug directly in to your laptop. Dick Smith,  Harvey Norman or similar electronic stores carry a supply.

In order to use the internet you need to purchase prepaid internet vouchers from us (or our manager Suandi - phone 0812-3641150). The cost is Rp 110,000 and this allows 33mb of data.  Additional vouchers can be purchased as required. As an indication if you send and receive say 15 emails per day and browse through 15 web pages then this voucher should last well over one week. Suzanne spent over 2 hours going through and answering many emails and used less than 1mb - the cost was approx Rp 3,000. If you download large data files or attachments then of course the voucher won't last this long. A good tip is to turn OFF automatic Windows updates and any other programs that automatically go on line and download stuff without you knowing. A good tip is to download a nifty little program called DU Meter HERE which lets you know exactly how much data you are downloading and uploading from the internet. You can also set alarms that let you know when you have reached pre set limits.

To log in you need to connect to our wireless service - use the connection with the strongest signal either BL-max6521, BL-max-6528, BL-max6526, BL-max6506, BL-max6522, BL-max6326. When you enable the connection and start your browser you will be prompted to enter your prepaid voucher code. You should then be connected.

If you need another voucher then call Suandi (0812-3641150) or let your room cleaner know that a new voucher is needed.

One of the benefits of the Blueline Internet voucher is that you can also use it at the increasing number of Blueline Hotspots available around Bali as well as in our apartments.

Blueline support is 0361769 355 or email


For further details or queries please email

Max & Suzanne (owner)  or

Nyoman Suandi (manager)  mobile 0812-3641150


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